Dance List

2005 Beginner Line Dance Best 30
1 Trust Me! Geri Morrison (UK) 64count, 2wall, Beg/Int.
2 Mars Attack Rachael McEnaney 64count, 4wall, Beg/Int.
3 Party Till Dawn Scott Blevins 32count, 4wall
4 Irish Stew Lois Lightfoot 32count, 4wall, Beg./Int.
5 Never & Forever M.I.L  
6 Sophisticated Hula John H. Robinson and Doug & Jackie Miranda 64count, 4wall, Beg./Int.
7 Cha Cha Groove Masters In Line 32count, 4wall
8 Be Strong Audrey Watson 32count, 4wall, Beg./Int.
9 Shooga Kelli Haugen 32count, 4wall, Easy Int.
10 Like A Star Bracken Ellis 32count, 4wall, Beg.
11 Mambolina Kate Sala 32count, 4wall, Beg.
12 I Play Chicken with the Train Barry Amato, Guyton Mundy & Robert Royston 32count, 4wall, Beg.
13 Put On Your Dancin' Boots Jo Thompson 32count, 4wall
14 Miller Magic Andrew Palmer, Simon & Sheila Cox 64count, 4wall, Beg./Int.
15 Little Patch Of Heaven   Doug & Jackie Miranda 32count, 4wall, Beg./Int.
16 Train Wreck Kathy Hunyadi 48count, 2wall, Contra
17 Hot Summer Salsa Pepper Siquieros 32count, 2wall, Novice
18 432 Cha Cha Bracken Ellis 32count, 4wall, Beg.
19 Mustang Sally Roy Verdonk, Mattias Perkio 32count, 4wall, Beg.
20 Badonkadonk Pepper Siquieros 32count, 2wall, Novice
21 Do It Norma Jean Fuller 32count, 2wall, Ultra Beg.
22 Love To Trust    
23 Make It Up Maggie Gallagher 32count, 4wall, Beg.
24 Just Wright Maggie Gallagher 64count, 2wall, Beg/Int.
25 Come On and Dance Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs 32count, 4wall, Beg.
26 Mockingbird Barry Durand 32count, 4wall, Beg./Int.
27 One Thing Alan G.Birchall 32+4count ease tag X2 & Restart during 5th wall, Beg./Int
28 Hit The Road Jack Ian Dunn 32count, 4wall, Beg.
29 Evil Girl Joanne Brady 48count, 2wall, Beg./Int.
30 Island Hopping Gerard Murphy 32count, 2wall, Newcomer / Beg.
31 Get In Line Max Perry 32count, 4wall, Beg.
32 Something Easy Bill Bader 32count, 4wall, Beg.
33 Back To You Judy Rodgers 32count, 2wall, Beg.