Dance List

2005 Intermediate Line Dance Best 40
1 What It Is ? Scott Blevins 32count, 4wall,Int.
2 HAVE FUN, GO MAD Scott Blevins 32count, 4wall,Int.
3 Street Soul Masters In Line 32count, 4wall
4 Home Frank Cooper 32count, 4wall, Int.
5 Replay Scott Blevins 32count, 4wall, Int.
6 Going All The Way ! Teresa Lawrence &Vera Fisher 64count, 4wall, Int.
7 Two Time Trick Scott Blevins 32count, 4wall
8 Soluna Robbie McGowan Hickie 64count, 4wall, Int.
9 This Woman, This Man Michael Barr & Michele Burton 48count, 2wall, Waltz
10 Right To Be Wrong Scott Blevins (Feb 2005) 53count, 2wall, Phrased
11 Quand '05 Masters In Line 64count, 4wall, Int/Adv.
12 I Play Chicken with the Train Barry Amato, Guyton Mundy & Robert Royston 32count, 4wall, Int.
13 Patrizio's Rumba Max Perry 64count, 4wall, Int.
14 Bomshel Stomp Jamie Marshall & Karen Hedges 48count, 2wall, Beg/Int.
15 Angel Wings Maureen & Michelle Jones 48count, 2wall,
16 Pirates Of Dance Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs 64count, 2wall, Int.
17 You Can Dance Doug & Jackie Miranda Phrased A72, B32count, 1wall, Int.
18 End of The Road Rachael McEnaney 96count, 2wall, Int.
19 All Day Long Gary Lafferty 64count, 2wall, Int.
20 The King Guyton Mundy phrased 2wall, Int.
21 Country Drive Doug & Jackie Miranda 64,32count, 2wall
22 Seal Our Fate Doug & Jackie Miranda  64count, 4wall, Int.
23 Envious Crazy Chris Adams 32count, 2wall
24 Under Your Spell (US) Bracken Ellis 48count, 4wall, Beg./Int.
25 X-Rated Teresa Lawrence &Vera Fisher 64count, 2wall, Int.
26 Ready To Fly Robbie McGowan Hickie 96count, 6count Tag, 4wall,Int.
27 Black Horse Kate Sala 32count, 4wall,Int.
28 Holla Alana Johanson & Michelle Jackson Phrased 2wall, Advanced
29 Caught In The Act Ann Wood  64count, 4wall, Int.
30 Don't Want None Neville Fitzgerald 32count, 4wall, Int.
31 Keep It Burnin' John H. Robinson 32count, 4wall, Int.
32 Careless Whisper Paul McAdam 32count, 2wall, Int.
33 My Number One Johnny 2 Step & Lizzie Clarke 64count, 2wall, Beg./Int.
34 One Dream Doug & Jackie Miranda 32count, 4wall, Int.
35 Betcha Neva Rob Fowler 32count, 4wall, Int.
36 Panther Rob Fowler 48count, 4wall, Int.
37 Shiv-A-Ree Maggie Gallagher 64count, 2wall, Int/Adv.
38 Heat On The Street   Maggie Gallagher 80count, 2wall, Int.
39 Haven't I Always... Neville Fitzgerald 32count, 4wall, Int.
40 Celtic Tribute Maggie Gallagher 32count, phrased 2wall, Int
41 Flying Maggie Gallagher 42count, 4wall, waltz Int.
42 Dana's Dream Max Perry 64count, 4wall, Int.
43 The Right Way   Dee Musk 32count, 4wall, Int.
44 Tennesse Blues   Audrey Watson 64count, 4wall, Int.
45 I Believe Crazy Chris Adams 32count, 2wall, Int.
46 Bugle Bop 2004   Mark Cosenza 48count, 4wall, Int.
47 A Lusty Appetite Robbie McGowan Hickie 64count, 2wall, Int.